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Three Reasons Prefinished Hardwood Is Perfect for Families

Many flooring experts might try to steer young, on-the-go families away from prefinished hardwood flooring, and though we disagree with their logic, in a way we can understand it. Hardwood floors don’t appreciate spills, for one. If you don’t clean up promptly, which can be a challenge for stretched-thin parents, the outcome will not be pretty.

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What Is Prefinished Hardwood Flooring?

Interested in solid hardwood floors? What a solid choice! Stylistically versatile and with long-lasting durability to boot, there’s nothing like genuine wood to brighten up a room or boost its coziness factor. With all sorts of kinds to choose from, the colloquially-named “king of flooring” can make itself at home in, well, any home.

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How Long Will My Flooring Last?

When it comes to home investments, flooring is certainly a wise one! Indeed, hardwood, tile and stone flooring, and vinyl floors all are solid choices when it comes to investments. They each add a personal touch to your home as well as give your family members a luxurious space in which to spend their time. Plus, if you intend to put your house on the market anytime soon, new flooring can help with your resale value. We at UB Hardwoods congratulate you on your purchase!

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Is Spring the Right Time to Invest in New Flooring?

As the birds begin to sing again and the snow melts all across the Midwest region, it’s perfectly normal to feel the itch to dive into all sorts of home renovation projects, both interior and exterior. Gutters, siding, wall-painting, you name it—that feeling of potential spring brings with it can spur you into action, compelling you to kickstart home improvement right alongside your typical annual spring cleaning.

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Which Wood Flooring Type is Right for Me?

You’ve done your research. You’ve considered your options. It’s official: you’re sold on wood floors. Whether it’s the feel of wood underfoot or the longevity and durability of the flooring type that appeals to you, we at UB Hardwoods commend your choice. With the proper floor care, you’ll be beyond satisfied with your new hardwood floor.

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Why Choose UB Hardwoods?

If you live in the Plymouth area and are looking for anything from floor installation services to a hardwood flooring distributor, it’s normal to feel inundated with options, or overwhelmed with everything that could go wrong with the flooring process. You don’t want to drive all the way to the store just to have the salesperson push something on you that you don’t need—wait, what is it that you need? You like the versatility of vinyl flooring, but you’re in love with hardwood’s aesthetic, while your spouse might be leaning more toward carpeting on the basis of comfort. Buying new flooring and getting it installed is no easy task, nor is it straightforward or one to be taken lightly!

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Do I Need Hardwood Floor Replacement?

Hardwood floors and wood floors alike are known for their extreme durability and longevity. There have been cases of hardwood lasting for more than a lifetime. However, their longevity depends on the type of wood used and proper maintenance on the part of the owner. Regardless, wood floors tend to be the longest-lasting flooring type out there, sometimes outlasting the original owner’s time in their homes.

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Proper Self-Maintenance for Hardwood Flooring

All hardwood flooring will need professional maintenance, like re-coating and sanding, at various points in its lifespan. It’s a fact of the flooring type! However, hardwood floors also require a good degree of maintenance on the part of the purchaser. Taking care of your hardwood floor ensures its characteristic durability for years to come, and doing so can also extend the time between professional maintenance sessions.

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How to Know when Your Hardwood Needs Professional Repairs

Despite the flooring cost, hardwood floors remain the king of the flooring world. Their stately appearance and decades-worth of longevity beat out all other flooring types hands down. Not to mention that keeping them looking their best—free of gouges and stains—is easy with professional maintenance. Plus, if you want to totally change the color of your wood floors, many staining options are available.

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Flooring Materials that Resemble Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is sleek and beautiful, and it offers a sophisticated aesthetic that is unmistakable; however, it may not be a practical choice for your home. Fortunately, there are other flooring materials that have the same look as hardwood but with different benefits and price points. You can leverage other materials to your advantage and create the living spaces you want at the right price.

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