Making a good decision about whether to repair or replace hardwood flooring takes a number of factors into consideration. These include the age of the flooring, if there is any damage to the flooring, the thickness of the wood, the type of wood used for the flooring, as well as the aesthetic results desired.

Beautiful Results from Hardwood Floor Refinishing

People are surprised when seeing the before and after photos of hardwood flooring that has been properly restored. If the flooring is structurally sound, it can be marred, discolored, and ugly before restoration. Then, when refinished using the professional techniques of UB Hardwoods, the results are stunningly beautiful.

The vast majority of the time, hardwood flooring can be repaired and refinished for an attractive result. Even flooring that is very old has a good chance for restoration. Maybe some of the flooring needs to be replaced but not necessarily all of it.

Older Flooring Benefits From Restoration

Older flooring was made using thicker wood, which means it can usually be sanded down to a clean, fresh, and level surface. Newer, manufactured flooring may be a laminate with a thin layer of the hardwood on the top so it can not be refinished as easily or for multiple times. This is why it is important to consult with U.B. Hardwoods when making a decision to repair or replace. We can tell you exactly the type of flooring you have and show you many options for restoration if it can be accomplished.

Things to Consider

Floors that are not structurally sound are not good candidates for refinishing. If the flooring has been sanded many times in the past, there may not be enough “fresh” wood left. A good rule of thumb is that if more than 30% of the flooring needs replacement, it may be a better idea to replace it all because the older portions of the flooring will just cause more problems in the future.

A quality hardwood floor that is refinished can last up to thirty years. In historical properties, even the older flooring can be refinished at least six times. Refinishing is more economical that complete flooring replacement. Stains can be minimized, damage can be repaired, and the floors brought back to a like-new condition.

Sometimes the decision to replace flooring comes down to aesthetics; for example, if you want to change from a darker wood to a lighter-colored one. There are amazing wood choices available now, including environmentally-friendly wood that is certified to come from sustainable forests.

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