Looking for high-quality hardwood flooring is something many homeowners dream about doing. Hardwood offers incredible value and appeal to a home, whether or not you plan to sell in the future. Which makes finding the right flooring for your home, family, and purpose a big decision!

When you work with flooring experts like our team at UB Hardwoods & Flooring, this decision is easier and much less stressful. We can schedule an in-person consultation, talk over the phone, or connect via email to show you the leading hardwood flooring brands and how they differ.

Our top choices for hardwood flooring manufacturers include AntiQuus, Bella Cera, and Hallmark Flooring. In this post, we’re talking about another standout in the hardwood market: Fuzion Flooring.

Fuzion Flooring: Beyond Expectation

With over 15 years in the industry, Fuzion Flooring has quickly become Canada’s premier flooring provider. It’s a family led business with a team of flooring experts dedicated to providing aesthetically superior and curated hardwood that’s thoroughly tested for the safety and value of your home.

The Fuzion Flooring motto, “beyond expectation,” is more than a statement. It is a promise and an ongoing dedication to quality, beauty, and value for every home.

Here are five reasons to love the hardwood flooring options from Fuzion Flooring!

1. Luxury Hardwood Flooring

Fuzion Flooring offers a range of luxury flooring collections that look like hardwood flooring. Some are actual wood, like Fuzion’s engineered hardwood, which comes in various textures, thicknesses, and price ranges, among other options.

Fuzion also offers stunning luxury vinyl collections that mimic real hardwood flooring.

2. Wood-Based Waterproof Flooring Options

Fuzion Flooring understands the necessity of waterproof flooring options and keeps your family covered with three collections: Aquasurf, Neptune, and Odyssey.

With the incredible TidalCore technology, these Fuzion Flooring collections are resistant to snowy days, stubborn spills, and happy accidents.

3. Superior Quality

With a range of beautiful, rustic, and functional flooring options, Fuzion Flooring was built on the principle of producing high-quality, long-lasting flooring. For over 15 years, the company has curated, engineered, and tested all flooring options to ensure that they exceed every expectation.

4. Environmentally Responsible

Fuzion Flooring exclusively sources safe, responsibly harvested and sustainable materials for every flooring product. They work with the organization One Tree Planted, which plants a tree for every purchase made.

Giving back to the environment and strengthening the community is more than a fad or marketing ploy for this company – it’s an obligation.

5. Safe for Kids and Pets

We understand any flooring you choose should be completely safe for your family – especially kids and pets. The flooring experts with Fuzion Flooring have set and followed strict safety standards in the production practices.

●        All chemicals and materials are strictly tested by a set of strict safety standards.

●        Fuzion Flooring also utilizes Floor Score to meet high indoor air quality standards.

Work With Our Flooring Experts to Transform Your Home

New flooring allows you to give your home a new look without needing to remodel the entire house. Installing a new floor is much more affordable than a full home remodel, and the effect of new flooring can last a lifetime.

UB Hardwoods & Flooring is a family owned business located in Plymouth, Minnesota. Our family has decades of experience in home construction, renovation, and general contractor work. We chose to specialize in flooring because we saw how great of an impact a new floor can have in a home.

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