Shopping for flooring for your home is a big decision and a significant investment in your property. So when you choose the best and most unique hardwood flooring for your home’s new look, you may find that your current furniture and decor doesn’t quite match.

Fortunately, there are factors you can consider to restore that balance. When you’ve chosen the right Bella Cera hardwood flooring and set up an installation plan with UB Hardwoods & Flooring, consider just a few things when you’re designing your interiors.

Bella Cera’s Buying Guide

Bella Cera is one of the brands we highly recommend for our hardwood flooring installations. From the artisan hand-scraped hickory flooring of the Monte Carlo collection to the sophistication of the Lugano collection, Bella Cera hardwood floors offer grace, beauty, and enduring value to your Twin Cities home.

Customers can explore the company’s online buying guide for home decorating ideas. From the ultra-high definition of the Villa Belize to the darker, warm look of Bella Cera’s Villa Bocelli collection, there are many looks to choose from.

From there, utilize the Bella Cera guide for Hardwood Floor Design. It includes information about matching your new flooring with cabinetry and choosing a new color scheme for an upcoming paint project.

How to Choose the Right Furniture for New Hardwood Flooring

Bring out the best in your new Bella Cera hardwood floors by choosing furniture and decor that highlight the following.

Pay Attention to Undertones

Every type and style of hardwood flooring has a warm, cool, or neutral tone. This has an enormous effect on space definition.

Warm tones include yellow, red, and orange undertones, while cool tones come in varying shades of gray.

A neutral tone is self-explanatory, matching well with warm or cool tones.

Embrace Contrast

Understanding the beauty and impact of contrasting colors is a critical aspect of finding the right furniture for a new wood floor.

Darker wood floors desire lighter wood furniture and lighter colored decor.

The opposite is true: Pair lighter wood floors with darker decor and warm tones.

Experiment with Matching

Contrast is just one way to confront the new decor for your new hardwood flooring. One room may mesh well with the contrast rule, while something entirely different is true for other rooms in your home.

You can also experiment with matching wood patterns.

Be intuitive when you decorate each room, and go with your own style and vision while matching hardwood flooring and decor.

Consider the Weight of The Room

When matching new furniture and decor with your wood flooring, consider the weight of the room.

Lighter wood is overwhelmed by large or bulky furniture. Darker wood, then, overpowers slimmer furniture and more delicate decor.

Never make assumptions that you need to do the same for every room; There are very few wrong answers.

Choose Beautiful Furniture and Decor for Your Beautiful Bella Cera Hardwood Floor!

Bella Cera uses only the best materials for hardwood flooring, making it easy for our flooring experts at UB Hardwoods to transform your home with incredible floors. The next challenge: Matching decor and the type and tone you’ve chosen for wood flooring.

Fortunately, you can easily consult an expert to help you make it all happen. Connect with us at 763-807-4500, or go here to get a free estimate!

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