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Carpet is one of the most commonly-used floor coverings available today, and comes in a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, and patterns.

A new carpet flooring provides warmth and cushioning, making it an excellent solution for spaces where your family members spend the majority of their time. Beyond offering a comfortable surface, most carpeting is also stain resistant and easy to maintain. Modern carpeting is incredibly versatile, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and decor.

Choosing The Right Carpeting.

As with any type of flooring, it’s important to choose the right type of material when selecting new carpeting. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind:

Type of Fiber

Fiber is the basic material that makes up your carpeting. Carpet is available in both natural and manmade fibers. You can choose the right fiber material for your home based on factors like durability, comfort, stain resistance, and color selection.

  • Triexta Carpeting. Triexta is an incredibly durable and resilient fiber material. Triexta fibers have a more contemporary matte finish, unlike polyester carpeting which is typically shinier looking due to its high luster. Triexta is also incredibly stain resistant and can be easily cleaned. In addition to its durability and practicality, triexta is also soft, comfortable, and affordable.

  • Nylon Carpeting. Nylon is a very popular carpeting material and can be treated for better stain resistance. Nylon is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for carpeting that is durable and colorfast.

  • PET Carpeting. Polyester carpeting, also known as PET, is an excellent choice for low to medium traffic rooms in your home. PET carpeting is soft and available in a variety of rich colors, and resists staining and fading.

  • Wool Carpeting. Because it is a natural material, wool carpeting offers some unique advantages including hypoallergenic properties. Wool carpeting provides a luxurious look and incredible comfort.

Type of Pile

The pile of a rug or carpet describes the height and density of its fibers. Regardless of what fiber material is used, all carpeting is created by looping long strands of the fiber into a sturdy backing. Depending on the style of carpet, these loops are either left as-is or cut along the top. In some cases, a combination of cut and uncut loops are used to create a specific texture or pattern.

Cleaning Considerations

All carpeting materials should be vacuumed consistently to keep it clean and looking its best. For high-traffic areas or rooms where spills and messes may be more common, you may want to opt for a stain-resistant material to make cleanup easier.

Ready To Find The Perfect Flooring Solution?

If you’re searching for the perfect carpeting or other flooring for your home, the seemingly endless options can make it difficult to make a decision. Our team is here to make the process fun and simple for you. We will take the time to explain our full range of products and help you choose the perfect flooring material for your needs, style, and budget.

Once you’ve decided your new flooring, our team of flooring installation experts will take care of the rest for you. We will schedule a flooring installation at a time that is most convenient for you. Having new flooring installed doesn’t need to be a hassle or inconvenience. Our installation process is fast, clean, and completed at the highest level of care and quality, leaving you with a beautiful new floor that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

No matter what look you hope to create in your home, we can help you find the right flooring option! With our fast, simple process, we can match you with a floor you’ll love. Contact us today to get started!

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