Today's homeowners are spending more time than ever outside their homes in pursuit of rest, relaxation and good times. As the line between the indoors and out continues to blur as kitchen move outdoors and summer parties easily migrate from the deck to the patio and inside the home, here are a few ways you can use tile to bridge the ever decreasing divide.

Stone Tile Delivers Versatility and Style

Choosing the right tile is vital in making the transition between indoors and out smooth. Using carpet in rooms that provide direct access to the outdoors and that tend to get a great deal of traffic, such as your deck or patio, might mean that you'll have to replace it more often than you want. Using stone tiles provides a smart and beautiful alternative.

Make stone tile work for you with the following ideas:

●        Choose travertine. Stone tiles in classic travertine make it easy to maintain your home without compromising sophistication. It easily moves from inside your home to your patio where it provides a beautiful surface that makes cleaning up after a party simple and quick.

●        Add in ruggedness. The rugged look for flooring is a trend that continues to gain traction. Using stone tiles already gives your home and outdoor area a natural look, there are ways that you can increase their ruggedness. Instead of choosing geometric shapes that are all exactly alike, search for those that are different shapes and even sizes. This adds to the edgy and unfinished look. Best of all, it doesn't compromise the easy of maintenance and durability you need for both inside your home and out.

●        Look for a great pattern. Your floor is only going to look as great as the pattern you choose. Choosing the right pattern not only adds visual appeal, but it also brings a sense of unity to your home's inside and out as well. While a mosaic pattern is likely to be the first one to jump to your mind, there are other, most unique and customized ways to add patterns to your stone tile floors. Using tiles of different colors and sizes adds visual appeal that is never boring. Chevron patterns are both bold and vibrant.

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