If you’re the type of family that never knows what will be around the corner when it comes to your home, finding a flooring type can be difficult. From chasing toddlers around to entertaining guests, you need something that can be dressed down or dressed up, that can stand strong against stains and high-heels and look great doing it.

That’s a lot to ask from a flooring—but UB Hardwoods is here to get you pointed in the right direction. Below, you’ll hear our top picks for the most versatile floors on the market.

Vinyl Floors

And we’re not talking about your grandma’s vinyl! Current brands such as Shaw Floors have done wonders towards deconstructing this flooring’s formerly kitchy image. Modern vinyl floors come in ever-versatile and totally trendy wood looks, making them a perfect fit for practically any space.

From a functional standpoint, vinyl floors come pre-packaged prepared for anything. Because they’re 100% waterproof when flooring installation is performed correctly, you won’t need to worry about anything from pet accidents to the occasional glass of spilled wine, provided you clean up relatively promptly. Indeed, this material makes for a great all-purpose flooring!

Wood Floors

While wood might require a bit more care and caution in the moisture department, its physical hardiness otherwise makes it quite a competitor in the versatility category. Gouges and cuts don’t daunt it, and flooring refinishing (if you’re going the solid hardwood flooring route) means that the damage it does sustain can many times be sanded and painted away.

Keep in mind, though, that not all wood flooring is created equally; many have different hardness ratings, for example. Check out our flooring blog that touches on that subject for more info!

Laminate Floors

If going full wood is outside of your budget, or your home deals with humidity issues, laminate might be your material of choice. Composed of particleboard with a photorealistic wood layer on the top, it’s relatively stable and can take a bit more of a water-related beating than certain other flooring types. While you might sacrifice some strength to get that benefit, it’s still sturdy, and the combined benefits certainly do make it versatile.

On top of all that, though, the photorealistic layer means that laminate is ripe with possibilities for designers—meaning that, cosmetically, this flooring material can almost do anything.

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