At UB Hardwoods, we pride ourselves on bringing your ideas to life. Creating a unique entryway that shows your personality is a fun way to brighten up your home and give your visitors a great first impression of your home. Below we’ve listed out a few ideas to help you get started on your home entryway redesign!

1.      Start With the Front Door
While this might seem obvious, many homeowners overlook their front door because they're so used to seeing it day in and day out. If you're going to make your entryway welcoming, take an objective look at your front door. Does it need to be painted? Could you replace it with one that's made completely out of glass? Don't just stop with your front door either. Take a look at the walls. A freshly painted accent wall creates an inviting environment for guests.

2.      Make the Floor A Focal Point
Whether your style is bold or more subtle, making the floor a focal point of your entryway is a simple method of adding visual appeal. Rich hardwood adds sophistication, warmth, and elegance. Tiles are a highly versatile floor covering that comes in both bright colors and those that are more natural in hue. Whether you look the look of stone, porcelain or some other material, a tile entryway makes it easy to create a stunning look that's also easy to care for.

3.      Add Patterns
Tiles are also the ideal way to create patterns on your entryway floor. While a colorful mosaic pattern or the classic black and white patterned tiles instantly pops to mind, don't let your creativity stop there. One idea is to use a combination of tiles and wood planks to create a geometrically shaped "rug." The wood planks form the frame of the rug with the tiles creating the rug's pattern.

4.      Accent Wall
Tile doesn't just belong on the floor or your countertops, of course, You can also use it to create an accent wall that pops without being overwhelming. Limiting yourself to one tiled accent wall means you can add depth and balance in other places. Mirrors, artwork, and lighting can all be used to subtly highlight your accent wall.

At UB Hardwoods, we can help you make your entryway as beautiful and welcoming as you envision it to be. We'll work closely with you to find the right hardwood and tiling flooring options that meet your vision. Give us a call today at 763-807-4500 to get started on your entryway redesign today!

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