Hardwood flooring is beautiful. Tile flooring is both beautiful and durable. A pattern created with floor tile or wood flooring is a dynamic aesthetic in a luxury home.


Magnificent Entryways


One place to consider installing a patterned floor is the entryway. When guests come into a home, having a beautiful patterned floor makes an immediate good first impression. Because entryways are usually left uncluttered, this allows the patterned flooring to really stand out. The impression for guests is like observing artwork in a museum. There is a big “wow” factor.


Many homeowners enjoy the reactions of guests to a newly installed floor and the compliments they receive about it. UB Hardwoods frequently gets referrals from previous clients to their friends who also want patterned flooring installed in their homes. When the weather is a concern, these patterned entryways can be made with durable tile that resists water damage.


Dining Areas and Special Places


Another place in a home that looks terrific with patterned flooring is a dining area as part of a larger space, such as shown in this photo of an installation done by the expert floor installers of UB Hardwoods. In this example, the pattern design creates a special place for a dining table to be placed. This technique can be installed in other rooms as well. Some luxury homes have a practice room with wooden flooring for dance or ballet. Others like to have a room with quality wood flooring for yoga, meditation, and exercise. Private chapels and prayer rooms look terrific with hardwood flooring.


To create a nice billiard room, hardwood flooring is an exceptional choice. In the center of the room, where the pool table will be placed, the flooring is installed in straight lines. Around the pool table, the patterns are placed where the flooring can be seen and its attractiveness fully enjoyed.


Transitions from Room to Room


Top interior designers like to use patterned flooring to make an elegant transition from room to room. One example is to change from hardwood flooring to a tile floor on the path to a patio. The pattern can continue from inside the home to the tile outside, which pleasantly guides a person from the interior to the exterior of the home.


If you want an elegant design for a hardwood or tile flooring installation UB Hardwoods is happy to give suggestions about the flooring choices to consider. Call 763-807-4500 or use the online form to request a free estimate. Let your imagination be your guide to the most beautiful flooring installation you can think of having and how much you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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