Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most common rooms of a house that is slated for updating or remodeling. If you've been putting off tackling your bathroom because you're concerned about staying within budget, here are some creative ideas for doing just that.

1.      Use Decorative Accents
Tiling your bathroom floor entirely in a visually appealing mosaic pattern makes for a stunning impression. Doing so can be more expensive than going another route and use up a great deal of your budget. Instead, use mosaics on a small section of your bathroom floor to get the desired effect without spending a great deal of money.

2.      Just Add Glass
Glass is a versatile material that adds light. When glass tile is used, the possibilities are nearly endless. Adding glass to an accent border along the top of a wall or including a glass tile arrangement infuses your bathroom with elegant and sophisticated visual interest. Because these ideas use only a small amount of glass tiles, they don't have to use up your entire bathroom remodeling budget.

3.      Choose Your Colors Carefully
The careful use of color in your bathroom can add lots of character to a room that is often relegated to boredom. For example, by smartly combining different color shades with one another, you can create a fresh, interesting and updated tile floor without spending a great deal of money. Adding colorfully tiled floor to a bathroom that is primarily white can freshen its look instantly.

4.      Don't Stick With the Traditional
One of the best ways to update a bathroom floor is to forgo the traditional look and embrace some of the current trends. These days, tile comes in a variety of different colors, shades, and styles. They can mimic the look of natural materials -- such as stone, wood planking and bluestone -- at a fraction of the cost, so your bathroom remodeling budget goes even further.

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