Brand new and elegant hardwood flooring can turn a drab room into an excellent space for more enjoyment of your home. This may also result in a higher resale value if you choose to sell the home in the future. This guide gives some creative ideas about the types of special rooms that you can consider to make your home really wonderful, including a ballet/dance studio, exercise/yoga place, a private chapel, and a sunroom.

Think of this effort as your ability to make your home a personal space for more enjoyment. Do you have young children? A ballet/dance space is a wonderful idea for them. Do you need a place for stress relief? A yoga/exercise space is perfect for this. How about spiritual experiences? A private chapel/temple/prayer space is very calming and a safe abode to worship in the way that you feel is the most appropriate.

Sometimes we only think about homes as functional. Having pleasant eating spaces, bedrooms, nice bathrooms, and a big kitchen are usually a must. However, it is possible to take the feelings of appreciation of your home to a higher level by creating a very personal space for special uses. These same techniques are used for creating commercial spaces that offer these amenities. The convenience of having such a space in the home is really what makes a luxurious home environment.

Different Uses for Hardwood Spaces

●        Ballet/Dance Space
The traditional way to set up a space like this is to use light oak flooring that is finished with a tough clear varnish to make the flooring smooth and durable for the dance rehearsal activities. One wall is filled with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. For ballet, have strong practice bars installed at the appropriate height on the walls so that the dancers can stretch their legs and learn the positions needed to perform well. For a dance studio, add a nice sound system. Many people find that a hobby of these sorts can turn into a home business that is very lucrative as well.

●        Exercise/Stretching/Yoga Space
Hardwood flooring is terrific for an exercise area and a place where you will sit calmly in mediation or practice yoga using a mat. Hardwood flooring is easier to keep clean and provides a solid base for any equipment in the room or people using the room.

●        Spiritual Place or Private Chapel
Many find that having a specific place in the home for them to express their spiritual and/or religious practices is a really terrific addition. These rooms do not have to be large, just serene and beautiful.

●        Sunroom
If there is no space within the home for an additional room, then one option is to add a sunroom. A sunroom is a hybrid space that is between being inside and outside of the home. Hardwood flooring is great for such an area.

Let your imagination run wild with terrific ideas about how to add extra special rooms to your home. Contact UB Hardwoods for a bid on the installation of any hardwood flooring or other floor coverings you need. Call us at 763-807-4500.

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