Spring is quickly approaching. If you're like many homeowners, you've been thinking about what kinds of home improvement projects you'd like to tackle now that the weather is showing signs of thawing out in the near future. Replacing your home's flooring is one of the quickest ways of breathing new life into a particular room -- or even an entire house -- that's also affordable and practical. Vinyl flooring is quickly gaining in popularity as a solution for homeowners. Below are four reasons why you, too, should consider vinyl flooring this spring. 

1. Versatility

If you're looking for a scratch-resistant flooring material that is at home high traffic areas like the living room as it is in the kitchen, take a look at vinyl. Another great thing about vinyl flooring is that it is nonporous, making it the ideal choice for rooms that tend to be wet and/or moist such as mudrooms, bathrooms and basements. 

2. Foot Friendly

One thing that you might not consider when you're looking for new flooring is its effects on your body. Vinyl flooring has a significant advantage over hardwood and tile for those homeowners that want something comfortable. Whether you have joint problems or you simply do a lot of standing in your home -- such as while you're cooking -- vinyl is easier on your feet, bones and your entire body. 

3. It's Flexible

If you have movement in your foundation, chances are that tile will bend and hardwood will warp as your home settles. While all flooring materials should be installed on a level surface, should your home undergo a shift in the foundation after you have vinyl installed, it's not likely to break. It's designed to be bendable -- to a certain degree -- staying mostly intact over time as your home's foundation moves. 

4. Water Resistant

It's a fact: something in your home is going to get spilled. Unlike laminate, hardwood and carpeting -- which absorb water and moisture -- vinyl is water resistant. Splashes of water and spills from cooking won't cause vinyl to warp making it a great choice for your bathroom and kitchen. 

Today's vinyl flooring comes in many different colors, patterns and tones. Finding one that suits your home and style is simple and easy. After you choose the one you like, contact UB Hardwoods for a free estimate on the professional installation. Delivering excellent service and craftsmanship is what we do best! 

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