When most people think of vinyl flooring, they think of cheap, thin flooring designed to only last a couple years at most. This could not be further from the truth! Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. Vinyl floors are versatile, and they rank high in terms of durability in the right situation. When in a wet environment, such as a bathroom, for example, a vinyl floor can last even longer than hardwood.


Intrigued? Read on to discover more of the fabulous benefits of vinyl from the floor installation experts at UB Hardwoods.

Versatility and Durability: Vinyl Flooring Defined

Versatile? Durable? You might have thought those were terms reserved exclusively for hardwood. Nope—we’ll just say there’s a reason vinyl has been on the flooring scene since the 1950s.


Here’s how you know vinyl flooring is both versatile and durable:


●        It is easy to clean. Has your kid dropped his sippy cup of apple juice on the floor? Did your cat knock your coffee off the counter again? Never fear; no matter what kind of liquid you spill, it’s easy to wipe up on vinyl flooring. Its synthetic (man-made) composition makes it versatile in regard to the types of liquid hazards it can stand up to.

●        Water damage? No way. Unlike hardwoods and other types of flooring, vinyl is impervious to water damage and warping; it’s durable. It’s a great fit for environments in which the humidity fluctuates or in which spills are common, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

●        It can go with any decoration style. Vinyl flooring comes in countless colors, shades, and finishes; the right make can even imitate more expensive floorings, such as hardwoods, tile, or stone. This makes it a versatile choice for homeowners and business contractors everywhere. No matter the vibe you’re trying to create, there’s a vinyl flooring that will add to it.

●        It is scratch-resistant. Vinyl flooring is perfect for high-traffic home areas due to its relative resistance to scuffing and scratches; in other words, it is durable. In fact, vinyl can keep its like-new looks for up to 20 years, requiring little attention other than occasional mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming.

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