The laundry room, the mudroom, whatever you call it – all of us usually have some utility-based space in our home, where our washers and dryers go, along with dirty clothes and muddy shoes. It’s a place where we stuff messy things that we don’t want to deal with until later – a place that takes a lot of abuse from a dirt-and-grime standpoint.

If you’re looking to put down new flooring in this area, you need a flooring that can stand up to everything your mudroom goes through for you. You need strength. You need durability.

Where to start your flooring search? The world of flooring is vast and at times confusing, and the internet is filled with conflicting sources of information. How are you supposed to separate fact from fiction and come home with the perfect mudroom flooring?

UB Hardwoods of Plymouth is here to help. Our experienced and attentive team can provide you with a full-service floor-shopping experience, helping you find the right flooring for you even if you don’t know where to begin. Simply stop into our Plymouth store today or read on to hear our top picks for mudroom flooring.

Your Number One Mudroom Concern: Water

Like your bathroom, your mudroom probably deals with quite a bit of misplaced moisture. From sloppy, wet sneakers to washing machines, the potential for spillage is high here.

The more waterproof your mudroom flooring is, the better. As floor installation pros, recommend:

1. Vinyl Flooring

Being affordable and nearly impervious to water-related damage, vinyl floors are a staple in American mudrooms everywhere – and for good reason. Puddles are easy to wipe up on this flooring type, and it’s fairly low maintenance, which is perfect for a room that’s the workhorse of the home.



2. Tile Flooring

If you want to aim for luxury with your mudroom flooring, tile is always a solid choice. It’s water hardy and looks great to boot. While you’ll need to get into the grout for a good cleaning, it’s generally pretty simple otherwise to keep tile flooring looking its best.

3. Stone Flooring

So long as you wipe up spills promptly, stone flooring can render itself a strong and long-lasting option for your mudroom. Its toughness lends itself well to this purpose, as abrasion from mud being tracked in doesn’t phase it.

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