So, you’ve installed a new hardwood floor. While your hardwood flooring is durable, laminated and looks great, you’ll need professional assistance to make sure it’s cared for. Unfortunately, hardwood floor care isn’t enough. Whether you’re planning to invest in hardwood floor refinishing, a new installation or other flooring option, you’re better off preventing damages—rather than repairing them. Check out the five biggest dangers to hardwood flooring below, and safeguard your investment before it’s too late.

Danger One: A Moisture Imbalance

A moisture imbalance can create cupped floors, which’re warped wood segments. These surfaces will resume their original shapes with time, but you’re better off making sure they’re never destabilized. Make sure your hardwood floor is re-finished often, and double-check any high-moisture areas for imbalanced humidity levels.

Danger Two: Dryness

On the other end of the spectrum, wood dryness can be damaging. Dried wood shrinks. When it shrinks, it expands upon contact with anything wet. This regular contraction and expansion can create gaps between your hardwood planks. These gaps, if left unchecked, can become mold breeding grounds.

Danger Three: Foot Traffic

Sometimes, day-to-day use damages hardwood floors. Over time, a hardwood floor’s sections can buckle. If this happens, the floor’s boards will warm, rise and become detached from one another. Really, there isn’t much you can do to prevent using your hardwood floor. It’s a floor, after all, and it’ll face the test of time. You can, however, keep an eye on the floor’s sections. Make sure its hardwood planks are attached, and contact a professional if they’re coming undone.

Danger Four: Pet Feet

Dogs, in particular, can scrape up hardwood floor. Fortunately, your floor’s laminate will spare it. Over time, however, thinning laminate can expose your hardwood floor to canine claws. Check up on your hardwood floor’s surface beneath tables, near corners and in your pooch’s favorite resting spot. You’d be surprised how quickly scratches can appear—let alone tear your highly-valued hardwood floor asunder.

Danger Five: Bugs

Termites, among other insects, can burrow in and destroy your hardwood flooring from within. Even if you’re not dealing with a deck, you should watch your hardwood floor closely. If it’s cupping, insects might’ve entered the gaps. It pays off to have an exterminator visit often. It pays off even more to ensure your hardwood floor’s structural integrity over the long run.

Contact UB Hardwoods & Flooring today, and have your hardwood floor inspected for gaps. If you’re having humidity problems, consider having them reduced. Your hardwood floor is an investment, and it’s deserving of your attention.

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