Did you know that there are many homes in the American Historical Register that have their original hardwood floors? With proper hardwood floor care, solid hardwood flooring can last for decades, even centuries! Some of the oldest homes in America that are listed on the historical register were built during the 1700’s. Many still have their original solid hardwood floors. These homes are hundreds of years old, and the hardwood flooring is as good as ever. The reason the hardwood flooring still looks good is that it has been well maintained over so many years.

Repair Winter Weather Damage

During the harsh Minnesota winters, hardwood flooring can take a beating. Kids and guests track stuff in from outside causing dirt accumulation and scratches. If you had holiday parties, there might be a stain or two on the flooring from an accidental spill. Now that summertime is approaching, this is the perfect time to give your hardwood flooring an annual maintenance spruce up to keep your hardwood floors beautiful for many generations.

Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Proper hardwood floor refinishing is a refined art. The expert professionals at UB Hardwoods are really good at it. For minor problems, perhaps the flooring needs simple cleaning treatment and beautiful re-polishing. For more serious problems, the flooring may need full refinishing, which includes sanding the surface to remove stains. Sanding must be done in such a way only to remove the exact amount necessary to get rid of problems and still keep the floor level and smooth.

Unskilled sanders can leave sanding marks that make the finished result look terrible. We know this because we have been called by clients to do SOS repair jobs after inferior work was done by others. Those unskilled workers do not have the expert hardwood flooring refinishing skills that we have. Please do not let this happen to you. Call us first. The UB Hardwood team will bring your hardwood flooring, even if it is currently in a terrible-looking condition, back to a perfect, “like-new” condition.

UB Hardwoods does everything for hardwood floors such as refinishing, color changes, floor repairs, and completely new installations. We are a family-owned business, and our clients become a part of our extended family that is ever-expanding in the Twin Cities metropolitan and surrounding areas.

We want to put your beautiful flooring on display in our gallery along with the other expert jobs that we are proud of having done. If you need hardwood floor refinishing or if you are considering a new flooring installation project, call us at 765-807-4500 and learn about what we can do for your hardwood floors.

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