Planning to spice up your home with a year-end bonus? Looking to sell after the cold season passes? Regardless, sprucing up your flooring is a wonderful investment, no matter if you’re looking for a high return value or simply to enjoy your home. You can make the most of this venture by embracing fresh, contemporary styles that make your living space feel right out of the pages of a magazine!

Though trends are fluid and the market ever-changing, here are a few predictions for what will be hot in the coming year, courtesy of UB Hardwoods, your Plymouth wood floor experts.

Bleached Hardwood Flooring Will Be the Bomb

And no, you can’t get it with the common household cleaning product! We’re referring to the shade of the wood. Word on the street is that light, washed-out colors of hardwood will be highly sought-after in the coming months.

Honestly, we’re not surprised; light-colored flooring has already been in demand this year, as we covered in our floor installation services blog “Top Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Trends” for 2021.” Light-colored flooring also has a way of making a space look more breezy and open. You can maximise this enlarging effect by laying planks in the same direction spanning multiple rooms.

Set Your Home Apart With Patterns

Patterned hardwoods like Parquet are quite fanciful—in fact, that specific style of flooring was popular with European noblemen in the 1600s and beyond. But with the right color and furniture, patterned hardwoods can look marvelously modern and classy. Combine this trend with others for a unique take on what’s in vogue.

And if you’re looking to paint your walls? Though we’re a flooring company, we’ve got resources for that, too. Check out our blog, “Three Wall Colors That Go With Dark Prefinished Hardwood Floors.”

Rustic Is the New Modern

Though the word “contemporary” is often associated with clean, crisp styles, modern decor is beginning to lean a little more on the relaxed side—hence the predicted trend of natural, worn hues in your prefinished hardwood flooring. Pair it up with some ironwood furniture and some coffee-shop-esque clutter and you’ll have a warm, soft space perfect for cozying up in style.

UB Hardwoods: Your Hot Spot for All the Flooring Trends

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