If you’re like many small business owners, you take a great deal of pride in your operation—not only in how you serve clients, but in the welfare of your facility, too. Which is why it’s critical that, when you’re selecting your new flooring, you’re over the moon with your choice!

Finding the right fit for your unique business, though, sometimes isn’t straightforward with all the colors, materials, and textures available. UB Hardwoods is here to simplify the process with our brief advice column of sorts below.

What’s Your Maintenance Budget?

Some flooring types have higher maintenance needs than others, and unless you’ve got a floor care pro on staff, this translates to higher costs as far as upkeep is concerned. For example, hardwood floors, while they may last for decades, need regular refinishing in order to keep up their stellar good looks for that length of time.

It’s therefore helpful to consider a monthly amount you’ll be able to pay to keep your flooring looking good. This can be as straightforward as a regular janitorial cleaning you already pay for or perhaps a little more complex, as is the case with a material that requires more extensive floor care.

What’s the Vibe You’re Going for?

All small businesses are individuals, and while it may be the focus of a great deal of them to provide awesome service, what that looks like varies. A chic streetwear boutique, for example, might have a totally different feel and customer experience than, say, a law firm, and yet both of them intend to leave the clientele satisfied.

As a massive part of your decor, your floor choice directly impacts how customers feel, from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. Make sure your choice helps along the client experience you’re trying to create—that its aesthetic fits with the rest of your cosmetic choices.

Do you Want to Match Wood Tones?

In more modern decor styles, there’s no need to match the exact hue of your wood floors to that of your business’s furniture. If you’re all about that formal feel, you of course can, though! Either style is acceptable, depending on your business’s tone.

That being said, be sure to commit—either you match wood tones or you throw the rule out the window altogether. Trying to go matchy-matchy in one area of the room but not another can be jarring, and just getting “close enough” can lead to a space feeling visually muddy.

UB Hardwoods: Your Floor Installation and Care Pros

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