Hardwood is meant to last for decades – any floor installation expert worth their salt will tell you that. However, even though this flooring type is in it for the long haul, there’s nothing wrong with seeking some inspiration from what’s currently in vogue. Luckily for you, U.B. Hardwoods has taken the pulse of the industry, and we’re here to talk 2021 trends for prefinished hardwood floors!

Consider Cool-Toned Hardwood

Though the traditional hardwood is of warm, honey-like tones, this new decade seems to be all about breaking tradition – if there’s one thing 2020 showed us, it’s that! The flooring world is no exception, and homeowners everywhere seem to be considering the opposite of what’s typical when it comes to hardwood: cool tones.

Greys, charcoals, and even washed-out browns seem to be increasing in popularity, perhaps for the air of understated calm they bring to a room. Regardless, modern life demands a place of respite, and cool-toned prefinished hardwood is for sure an interior decorating choice that helps to create one.

Ponder Patterns

As the flooring industry continues to innovare and the Internet provides more information to customers, patterned hardwood flooring is continuing to be a common choice, and it’s an aesthetic at home in a variety of interior styles. Herringbone flooring, for example, is both contemporary and classical, and its ability to add visual interest to a space is unparalleled.

Lighten Up a Little!

Sure, cool tones are in demand, but don’t shortchange their counterparts on the opposite end of the spectrum. Whitewashed or grayed-out hardwoods can certainly make a statement, and they have a wonderful way of opening up a given space. Their neutral and understated hues also allow you to play with pops of color more when it comes to your decor.

A Nod to Natural Beauty

Authenticity is always attractive, and alongside their more contemporary cousins, natural hardwoods are making a comeback. Paired with natural-looking finishes that don’t add too much of a gloss, they give the impression of a back-to-basics, yet stately home. And in a time period when everything seems unknown, a return to stylistic familiarity can be more than refreshing.

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