So you’re interested in oak flooring? Awesome choice! As a hardwood floor type, it’s incredibly durable, and it’s got its category’s classical good looks to boot.

If you’ve already armed yourself with hardwood-care knowledge, you’re almost all set to fully take ownership of this luxurious flooring choice, but there are still a few good things to know before you send your floor installation team to start laying the planks.

The Basics of Prefinished Oak Flooring

First of all, there are lots of types of oak out there, all of which have different properties. These include:

●        Red Oak

●        White Oak

●        Cherrybark Oak

●        Black Oak

And more! Some categories of prefinished oak, however, can include other categories, forming larger umbrella groups. This can make learning all the terminology somewhat confusing. Your flooring pro will be able to tell you all about the individual type of oak you’re buying and clear up any questions you may have.

Prefinished Oak Flooring Comes in a Variety of Hues

Because there are so many different kinds of oak floorings, there are tons of different colors available for you to choose from. Don’t box yourself into any one tone – ask your flooring and hardwood pros about your options! Black Oak, for example, is rich and chocolaty, while Red Oak is a russet as a fox. White Oak is understated and ashy.

Prefinished Oak Flooring can Disguise Minor Scrapes

Yep, you read that right! Prefinished hardwood flooring of this type has a rather striped appearance. This not only lends it visual interest, but can also draw the eye away from other “accidental stripes” (like scrapes and scuffs) that you’d rather others not see.

Prefinished Oak Flooring has a Natural Resistance to Many Hazards

Insects are a threat that make hardwood floor owners squirm, but your new oak flooring is made of some tough stuff. In fact, insects tend to leave it alone! We still advise you practice common-sense care practices that defend your flooring from insects, but with oak flooring on your side, you can rest easy once you’re finished with them.

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