So it’s time for your hardwood’s refinishing, and with the help of your favorite floor care specialist, you’re looking forward to having glossy, like-new flooring beneath your feet. But there’s one key decision you need to make before your flooring pro gets to work: what flooring finish are you planning to have applied?

Don’t panic; you don’t need to know everything about finishing products to keep up with your hardwood’s maintenance! Your floor refinishing team will have recommendations and favorite brands. But knowing a bit about finishing products in general can help you get the most out of your regular professional hardwood maintenance—which is why we discuss them below.

Consider the Characteristics of the Room

Every flooring finish has different strengths, so before you refinish your current wood floor, it’s critical that you know just which will be needed for the best results. Are you working with a space that’s high in foot traffic, such as a hallway or entryway? Choose a flooring finish that has exceptional physical resistance. Does the room get a lot of sun? Make sure the finish has UV-protectant properties.

Most spaces won’t fall neatly into one category—in other words, many will make multiple demands from their floor finish. Luckily, there are plenty of multipurpose products to suit practically any room’s needs. It just might take a bit of patience to find the right one.

Consider the Shine of the Floor Finish

Finish can’t change the color of your hardwood—you’re thinking about stain, which is another kettle of fish entirely. But finishing does affect how your hardwood looks in a different way. As it’s available in both glossy or matte finishes, it can make your hardwood feel luxe and upscale or understated and down-home. No one look is inherently better than the other, and it doesn’t have much effect on how the finish works. It’s just a matter of personal preference!

Consider What the Finish Is Made Of

Without getting too far into the weeds, flooring finish comes in a variety of types, all of which have slightly different chemical compositions; Bob Vila discusses eight of the most common in detail. Each varies in application difficulty, environmental friendliness, expense, and odor. As the recipient of professional floor care, you don’t need to know which refinishing type does what. You only need to know what your priorities are and to communicate them to your pro. They’ll take care of the rest.

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