When it comes to interior design, you might not think your basement to be any different from your home’s other rooms. Sure, it might be a tad chillier or cluttered down there than usual, but that shouldn’t mean there are any special rules you need to consider while decorating, are there?

Sort of! While you’re perfectly able to pick the type of flooring you like best for your basement, there are a few kinds that will probably look particularly awesome in such a space—take it from the flooring pros at U.B. Hardwoods.

Light-Colored Flooring: Best for Basements Without Windows

Basements oftentimes suffer from small-space syndrome—that is, they often feel claustrophobic and dark. This can be due to a number of factors, but, generally speaking, the lack of windows in many of them doesn’t help.

If you’re looking to combat this, we at U.B. Hardwoods suggest you look into light-colored floorings to open up your basement. Colors such as soft greys, warm honeys, or even white are like a breath of fresh air to the eye, and they can create the illusion of roominess in a basement’s often tight quarters.

Solid Materials for Your Basement Flooring

As far as material goes, the best fit depends on what your basement is primarily used for, and if it duels with foes such as high humidity or water exposure.

Luxury Vinyl Floors: Good for Plumbing-Heavy Rooms and Wet Environments

If you’re looking to put down flooring next to your water heater, exposed pipes, or any other plumbing appliance that’s often sequestered in a home’s basement, vinyl is your best bet. As far as water-related durability is concerned, it can’t be beat! It’s got quite the friendly price tag, too.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring: Great for Game Rooms, Dens, and the Like

For those who use their basement as hideaways, prefinished hardwood can lend the area quite the cozy air. Toss some plush rugs on top of heavy traffic areas and have fun with the decorating; hardwood’s stylistic versatility lends it to a variety of interior design styles.

Just so you know, you don’t have to match your flooring hardwood to your decor’s hardwood—a little variety can add visual interest and charm.

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