Flooring really helps to make a room shine, but your paint job can make or break its ability to do that. Dark hardwood floors, in particular, benefit from a conscientious wall color, as when improperly decorated alongside they can make a room appear small instead of stately—and who wants that? You deserve your dream home, and that’s why U.B. Hardwoods is here with a few recommendations on how to make your dark floors and the walls that surround them harmonize.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Greige

Greige? What on Earth is that? You may be thinking. Basically, it’s a color combination of gray and beige, and it’s one of the most universally appealing wall colors around. It works well with dark wood floors because it pretty much goes well with anything—but beyond that, it has a unique ability to tie a decor style together, especially if you plan to use a bunch of different colors.

Gray Is Versatile If You Pick the Right Shade

Prefinished hardwood floors are all individuals, and individual species of woods have individual color quirks. Few wall hues can cater to all this individuality better than gray. While visually it might not be much to look at, you can sneak hints of a flooring’s undertone into the wall color to really make the whole picture pop.

For a Fun and Fresh Look, Try Pastels

If contrast is the name of the game in your decor style, perhaps pastels are perfect for you. With your flooring serving as an accent and your walls as a bright background, the room will certainly cause visitors to stop and stare—and it’s great if you’re looking to make a space that you can let your hair down in. 

A Caveat: Stay in the Light Zone

As far as what pastel color you use with dark flooring, the sky’s the limit. Even yellow can work in the right circumstances! However, if you aren’t going with a more neutral wall choice, be careful to keep things light. Saturated or dark colors can compete with a dark flooring installation, making a room feel visually confusing and stuffy. Stick to shades you’d find atop a cotton candy stick, though, and you’re home free!

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