Wood flooring continues to be a popular choice for homeowners who are searching for a new material to replace what already exists in their home or to have installed in their new home. Some types of wood flooring, though, can be inappropriate when it comes to certain conditions such as higher levels of humidity. Bamboo can offer homeowners many advantages over traditional wood flooring, including being resistant to moisture. Other benefits of choosing bamboo flooring include:

1. Superior Durability

Bamboo offers superior durability that enables it to withstand a great deal of use. While this makes bamboo the ideal flooring material for a home's entryway, these same properties also make it a great choice for flooring throughout the entire house.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Because bamboo is highly renewable, it is very environmentally friendly. Rather than being an actual tree, bamboo is a grass that easily regrows after being monitored and harvested using strict standards. In addition, bamboo doesn't require the use of chemicals in order to clean or maintain it. Due to its ease of renewability and the fact that it is sustainable without using harsh chemicals, bamboo is better for the environment.

3. Numerous Color Options

Bamboo -- like other flooring materials -- is available in an array of attractive colors and finishes. This allows homeowners to choose different color schemes to match the various rooms of their home while still being able to reap the benefits of bamboo.

4. Provides a Cozy Feeling

Bamboo provides a cozy feeling within a home. This adds a warmth, depth and richness to the room that can be difficult to obtain when using other types of flooring materials. Given the way that bamboo looks, using it provides a unique visual appeal that allows homeowners to feel relaxed.

5. Affordable Flooring Option

Some type of wood flooring can be challenging on the budget. Bamboo flooring provides the rich and warm good looks homeowners want and expect for their homes at a price that is friendly to their budget. 

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