UB Hardwoods has decades of great customer service in Golden Valley, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. We would love to install brand new solid hardwood flooring or manufactured hardwood flooring in any of the beautiful homes in the area. The results would be fantastic.

However, there may be special circumstances, assessed by a free consultation with UB Hardwoods, where the existing solid hardwood floors are qualified for restoration.

What Makes Existing Flooring Qualified for Restoration?

Many factors influence this decision. This is why it is so important to get a free consultation from UB Hardwoods.

Here are just a few of the things that the expert staff of UB Hardwoods considers, when making a recommendation of restoration of hardwood flooring versus a new installation:

  • The condition and thickness of the existing hardwood flooring
    Issues about warping and leveling
  • Dry rot and termite infestation
  • Structural soundness
  • The ability of the old flooring to undergo sanding, resurfacing, re-staining, and re-polishing
  • The cost factor when comparing restoration with new installation

The Restoration Process

Upon recommendation by UB Hardwoods that a vintage floor is restorable to stellar beauty, the process of hardwood floor refinishing includes:

  • Sanding the old flooring to a smooth and level surface
    Recoating the floor with stain
    Finishing the restoration with a clear polyurethane clear coat to preserve beauty and give the sold hardwood floor a no-wax necessary shine

Restoration Advantages

The cost of flooring restoration is far less than the cost of new hardwood flooring installation. Restoring vintage wood brings back the intended design of the home from up to centuries before. Homes get a wonderful upgrade with hardwood flooring restoration. This makes the rest of the home’s interior design style and furniture stand out against the attractive backdrop of restored hardwood flooring.

When a person walks into a room with custom restored hardwood flooring, the reaction is one of appreciation. Polished hardwood flooring is a serious indicator of a high-quality luxury home.

Sometimes, restoration of old hardwood flooring is a very viable option. Check with the experts at HB Hardwoods to be sure. The professionals at HB Hardwoods will evaluate the existing condition of the vintage flooring and make an expert recommendation about the possibilities of restoration versus the need for new installation.

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