There is something incredible about a home with hardwood flooring. While we appreciate the easy care and maintenance of vinyl floors and the exquisite beauty of tile and stone, we have to admit that in the decades of UB Hardwoods being in the flooring business in Golden Valley, Minnesota, hardwood floors are still our favorite. There are plenty of good reasons for this idea.

A traditional home and a luxury contemporary home benefit from hardwood flooring. It feels so nice to walk upon hardwood floors, especially when recently polished and wearing socks. The eye-appeal of hardwood floors is fantastic. Renowned interior designers agree. Let’s see what they have to say…

In 2015, Architectural Digest conducted interviews with those involved in the hardwood flooring industry. This included top management from hardwood flooring manufacturers, installation companies, and interior designers. Everyone interviewed gave strong opinions.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Versus Manufactured Hardwood Flooring
UB Hardwoods offers both solid hardwood flooring and manufactured hardwood flooring.

Here are the key differences between the two:

Manufactured Hardwood Flooring has:

  • A thin veneer of actual real hardwood bonds to other material layers to help the flooring resist movement, expansion, and contraction after installation.
  • This type of flooring installs directly on a concrete subfloor, using adhesive.
  • One of the cautions about using manufactured hardwood flooring is the thickness of the upper layer. The recommendation is to make sure the thickness of the upper layer is sufficient for any needs of future sanding or polishing to keep the flooring beautiful for a long time.

Solid Harwood Flooring has:

  • The advantage is solid hardwood flooring lasts for decades, even centuries. Vintage homes with solid hardwood flooring can sometimes be restored to original beauty by sanding and refinishing the floors even after a century has gone by.

  • Hardwood planks are available unfinished. This means the finishing treatments happen on site, giving the owners complete control of the color of the stain, the polish, and the totally finished look.
  • Owners choose from oil-based stains and/or a polyurethane top coat. Oil stains offer a more subtle matte finish, whereas using polyurethane provides a protection for the wood combined with a glossy look that is more impervious to damage and unwanted stains from spills.

HGTV has an amazing gallery of photos of popular hardwood flooring installation. Use this for inspiration for contracting with UB Hardwoods to install your new flooring. The photos of these beautiful homes with hardwood flooring could be a photo of your new floors. Wow!

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