If you’re like a lot of people, you see vinyl flooring as the “economy” option. Perhaps you associate it with your grandma’s kitchen dining room, or with your neighbor’s always-muddy entryway. Certainly, you might think, vinyl floors are far from the picture of class and luxury of wood floors. Why on Earth would you want it in your home, let alone freely choose it over other floorings?

While all those bad things may be true of the vinyl of the past, vinyl today is made better than ever, and innovation has led to a product that can stand alongside hardwood floors in looks and, sometimes, in durability. It’s called luxury vinyl, and it has taken the flooring industry by storm. Read on to learn more about why this smart product could be a great fit for your home.

Putting the “Luxury” in Front of Vinyl: What Sets Luxury Vinyl Apart

To be considered luxury vinyl, your flooring must be, of course, made of vinyl, but it also must be considerably thicker than its competition. In addition, luxury vinyl is often made to look like hardwood flooring, giving it the high-end appearance you crave. The combination of all its characteristics makes it:

1.      Practically waterproof | Unlike some other flooring types, luxury vinyl is tough against all manner of spills. Juice boxes, wine, pet accidents, you name it: cleanup only requires a simple spritz of your favorite vinyl-safe cleaning spray and a washrag.

2.      Affordably gorgeous | While hardwood floors are certainly luxe, the price tag can deter some buyers. Plus, the long-term maintenance of this beautiful flooring type is certainly an investment in and of itself. Luxury vinyl flooring can be made to look like all sorts of hardwoods—so convincingly that the difference often is only felt underfoot. It requires no refinishing and only periodic vacuuming and mopping with tools you probably already have around the house. It’s the budget-friendly solution for the homeowner who loves hardwood but just can’t deal with the investment.

3.      Wonderfully versatile | Versatility is certainly a word that can be used to describe vinyl flooring! Because it’s tougher than its thinner vinyl counterparts, it makes itself a great fit for almost any area of your home, even the pet-heavy or high-traffic ones.

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