If you’ve made the decision to welcome new floors into your household, whatever the type, UB Hardwoods of Plymouth would like to say congratulations. Your purchase will bring you and your family joy for years, in addition to wowing visitors and upping the resale value of your home. So give yourself a pat on the back for making a smart investment from multiple standpoints. Go you!

Do we sound a little overzealous? You’d probably be over the moon too if you knew exactly what kind of flooring you’d be putting in your home! From the stately hardwood floors to the versatile vinyl floors, there are tons of options available, especially if you’ve partnered with the flooring pros at UB Hardwoods.

That’s not a bad thing at all, though, when you’ve got our five-star service on your side. We’re here to help you pick the perfect flooring for your home’s needs—and we’re starting with the blog post below.

Where Do I Start With New Flooring?

That question’s answer? More questions!

Figuring out the right flooring for you is all about getting to the bottom of what you look for in a flooring: a versatile nature, durability, show-stopping good looks, or a combination of all three. You’ll do that by asking the following targeted questions, conducting a self-interview of sorts.

1.      What sort of vibe do I want my flooring to give off?

We’ll be far better able to direct you to the flooring type that fits if you know what aesthetic you’re looking for. Is your home a modern masterpiece, a rustic ranch house, or something else entirely? Hardwood floors can render themselves quite at home in a more country-style abode, while tile flooring might be a better fit for a contemporary look.

2.      How much maintenance do I want to put into my new floor?

Just like people, all floorings have individual care needs. Some of those needs might be more labor-intensive than others. Though you don’t need to have a concrete time limit established, a relative maintenance amount (a lot, some, a little, ETC) that you’re ready to commit to is more than helpful.

3.      What’s my budget?

Just like in any field, some products are more expensive than others. Unlike maintenance requirements, though, you’re well-off to have a specific budget which you are unwilling to cross. This isn’t to stop us from pushing it (We’d never!) but to help us show you products that fit your parameters.

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