All flooring is meant to be lived on, walked on, and occasionally spilled on—but if you’re looking for the ultimate in water-fastness, look no further than luxury vinyl, otherwise known colloquially as waterproof flooring. Its completely synthetic construction means that it’s practically invincible against any liquid your household or business throws at it. Bathrooms, bring it on!

Wondering if vinyl floors should be making an appearance as the star of your latest renovation? UB Hardwoods is here to settle the score. Below, we’ll describe a couple of common situations and styles in which this flooring type would be of benefit.

You Have Young Children

Looking for a floor installation that can stand up to the rigorous demands of toddlers and young kids? Vinyl floors just might be for you. Children, in general, aren’t the cleanest; from mud tracks to dropped food and drinks, the children and toddlers take a toll on the flooring.

Vinyl floors are wonderful for those in the process of raising a family, as they boast stress-free clean-up capabilities and, in the case of luxury vinyl, can stand up to heavy foot traffic. Plus, they’re easy to tidy up with a mop and a vacuum, and they hardly ever stain, as we cover in our blog.

You Love Hardwood Floors, but Can’t Afford Them

Wood floors are wonderfully durable, not to mention classically gorgeous, but the price point can deter some shoppers. They’re an awesome investment that is more than worth the money put into them, sure, but when push comes to shove not all home and business owners will be in a position to make that investment.

If this is you, you needn’t fully throw away the possibility of having wood-look floors. Lots of vinyl products are available in faux-wood finishes, and given that they generally are more affordable than hardwood in the short term, are quite financially accessible.

Your Home’s Flooring Struggles With Humidity

Humid home? While it’s always a good idea to get this problem looked at, it’s also nice to know that your new flooring has your back—and given that vinyl flooring is waterproof, you’ll find no better candidate. It doesn’t expand and contract with exposure to moisture, making it an incredibly stable flooring in the face of fluctuating humidity levels.

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