Hardwood is one of the hardiest flooring types out there—but no flooring appreciates a poorly directed spring thaw or a burst pipe in the winter. When your hardwood flooring is soggy and sad-looking, is there any hope?

More than you might think! As floor care pros, we at UB Hardwoods have seen a lot, and we know all the tips and tricks for reviving even the most soaked floors around. Below, we’ll discuss a few signs that your hardwood hasn’t yet given up the fight, and that saving it just might be a smart option.

The Damage Is Isolated

A flooded basement is one thing, but a leaky pipe is another. If the water damage is isolated to a few planks, you may be able to get away with just replacing those planks and not opting for an entirely new floor. One of the beauties of wood floors—of which there are, of course, many—is that it’s rare you’d need to replace an entire room’s flooring thanks to a small spot of damage. Frequently, much less invasive floor care techniques will suffice.

Your Floor Is Still Flat

Severe water damage can cause wood floors of all kinds to warp, or to change shape as they take on moisture. Planks can form mountains and valleys, as well as cracks, as the wood swells up with no space to accommodate it.

Floor refinishing can handle a bit of cupping, buckling, or cracking. Because it tends to involve sanding down a floor’s surface, if your floor is flat or mostly flat, it probably just needs a solid refinishing job to make it look like new. On the other hand, extensive damage or deep cracking  might warrant an entire replacement.

You Don’t Have Mold Growth

If you’ve gotten to the problem quickly enough, generally mold won’t be an issue—but since it can begin its growth on a surface in under 48 hours, as per FEMA, it also can be difficult to avoid in some circumstances. Moldy hardwood, obviously, must be replaced, as it can create health risks, in addition to being downright unsanitary.

Mold on your hardwood is fairly easy to spot, as it is generally differently colored from the wood surrounding it. Severe cases may also feel soft underfoot.

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