As much as we hate them, odors are a fact of life, and it’s another potential fact of life that you might deal with smells getting stuck in your hardwood. Whether it’s from pets or the cause is unknown, though, it can be a daunting issue, as few people want to replace their beloved investment on account of a simple smell.

Luckily, in many cases, you won’t have to! UB Hardwoods, your wood floor pros, is here to help with the tips below. Read on to discover some simple ways to remove odors from your hardwood flooring.

Use Commercially Available Products

You may think that odor removers only exist for laundry and carpeting, but hardwood floors have their own vein of products designed specifically for this purpose. They’re great if you aren’t dealing with an extensive problem and are thus a wonderful first line of defense should anything particularly smelly find its way onto your flooring. We recommend always having a bottle of it in your pantry!

It’s important to note that, when cleaning hardwood, use only products designed for that specific purpose. They’re much more likely to leave your flooring clean as a whistle—and most importantly, damage-free.

Talk With Your Floor Care Specialist

Before resorting to drastic measures or unconventional cleaning methods, call up your favorite flooring pro—hopefully the one who installed and helps to maintain your hardwood—and ask their advice. The Internet abounds with so-called effective DIY solutions for smelly hardwood floors, but a professional who has experience with that particular wood species and brand will be able to give you the best course of action.

It’s also comforting to speak with someone who is there to listen to your concerns, instead of trying to navigate the impossible wealth of information available online solo.

Consider Refinishing

If tamer methods fail, it just might be time for your floor pro to break out the sanders and sealant. Floor refinishing can indeed do wonders for removing odors, and if your hardwood is overdue, it’s of course a good idea to solve two problems with one simple solution. Plus, a good refinishing job is like a facelift for your flooring; it leaves it looking healthy, shiny, and full of life!

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