Whether you’ve got the style of a Southern debutante or the flair of a modern fashionista, one thing’s for certain: you love making an impression. From the way you dress to your home decor, everything is arranged so artfully that it’s certain to draw the eye—and you love it like this. You feel most at home in the spotlight, after all!

Why, though, should this attitude stop with your flooring? Though many floorings are often seen as the “canvas,” so to speak, for the paint that is a room’s furniture, there are plenty of flooring options that can make an impression and spark conversation in and of themselves. The flooring experts at UB Hardwoods of Plymouth are here to tell you all about them, in addition to how to make sure your flooring wows for years after its initial purchase.

What Makes an Impression When it Comes to Flooring?

First and foremost, attention-drawing flooring is well-maintained. Of course, poorly kept flooring also draws the eye, but not in a good way! No matter what kind of flooring you have, it’ll grab the best sort of attention if you learn how to keep it looking its best. We at UB Hardwoods are happy to help with this.

Of course, though, there are some floorings that are made to blend in, and others that are made to stand out. Though everyone’s style is different, we feel the following are great options to amaze a flooring buyer.

●        Hardwood floors | When it comes to wow-worthy flooring, nothing is better than wood floors. Hardwood brings fabulous looks and amazing longevity to the table, as well as its unique ability to be refinished, a process that practically leaves it looking like new.

●        Engineered hardwood flooring | For the budget-savvy and style-smart shopper who will settle for nothing less than real wood, engineered hardwood can be a great fit. Its partial hardwood complexion means that it grabs the eye almost as much as hardwood at a fraction of the price.

●        Luxury vinyl | When wood isn’t a fit for your home, but you just can’t shake your love for the look, it’s luxury vinyl to the rescue. It can mimic a variety of wood flooring options while having strength-ending properties that set it apart. With luxury vinyl in your home, spills turn from disasters to accidents, quite the welcome benefit for the stylish and on-the-go.

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