Custom, luxury manufactured homes are becoming a popular way for people to get exactly the property they want — even in rural locations where building would often be prohibitively difficult. There are a few special considerations when it comes to manufactured home flooring, but they may not be as extensive as you might think.

Installing a Floating Floor

Floating floors, such as laminate or engineered wood, are usually preferred for manufactured homes. Not only are they lightweight, but they are less likely to warp and buckle. Often, a manufactured home may not be installed on a permanent foundation, or it may shift over time. If the floor isn't floating, it's going to become damaged. Many engineered woods have the exact same appearance as solid hardwood flooring, and they're even more durable. Large format tile installations can be questionable, depending on the make of the manufactured home: the flooring type is often heavy.

Nail Down Hardwood Installations

Nail down hardwood installations and stone and ceramic installations are possible if a manufactured home is situated on a fixed foundation and if it isn't likely to settle. The subfloor matters as well: installing a denser subfloor can help keep your hardwood installation flat. You may need to secure the hardwood a little more firmly to account for any flex in the subfloor.

Ceramic and Natural Stone Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are much lighter than natural stone and are preferred. With natural stone, the stone or grout may crack over time, due to the weight of the materials. If you're installing tile in a manufactured home, the tile shouldn't gross over certain areas, such as the marriage lines in a double-wide. Even heavier tiles and natural stone tiles can still be installed in a manufactured home, but the subfloor may need to be reinforced.

Carpet Floors

Understandably, carpet is one of the most common types of floor for a manufactured home. It stretches, it's easy to care for, and it's affordable. Carpet tiles can be easy to install and lend itself to some great designs, while wall-to-wall carpet is comfortable and attractive.


There's nothing about a manufactured home that prevents most types of flooring, there are just types of flooring that need additional preparation and reinforcement. You can explore a multitude of options at UB Hardwoods, in addition to getting some expert advice regarding the right floor for you.

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