Vinyl floors are durable, long-lasting and designed to handle everything from kitchens to your mudrooms. However, the dirt, grease and dust can start to make your beautiful vinyl floors look a bit worn out over time. Luckily, you don't have to resign yourself to losing that new look that you enjoyed when the flooring first went in. You need the right methods and a bit of elbow grease to restore your vinyl and keep it looking perfect.

Regularly Dry Mop or Vacuum

You don't have to mop your vinyl flooring every day, but you should stay on top of dry mopping or vacuuming. Dirt, dust, and debris can build up on the vinyl surface and create a dirty appearance. Swiffers with microfiber clothes or a vacuum without a beater bar give you the best and fastest options for a clean up. Your lifestyle dictates how often you need to handle this household chore. If you have lots of pets and people in your home, try to fit it in daily. If you live alone, your floors can go for a few days in between this process.

Match the Right Cleaner

You need the right cleaner for your vinyl floor to avoid any damage. Think mild cleaners for your floors and throw abrasive ones out the window. Check your flooring to see if it is a no-wax vinyl material. You need a no-wax specific products to address the cleaning needs of these floors. Clean your floors with your chosen product weekly, at a minimum. High traffic areas need more attention, so look after them every 3-4 days.

Use a Heavy Duty Cleaner for Initial Treatment

Heavy-duty cleaners made for vinyl flooring help you take the first step to a perfect looking floor. These cleaners cut through built-up grease, grime and other dirt that may not come up with your weekly cleaning. Once you strip this layer away, you have an easier time maintaining its beauty.

Minimize Moisture

More water and cleaner is not better when it comes to vinyl mopping. If you overload the floor with cleaner or soak your mop so much that it creates a waterfall, you run the risk of moisture seeping under the flooring. This creates many long term problems and you're not improving your cleaning capabilities.

Control Household Dirt

Put floor mats at strategic locations throughout your home to keep dirt from flowing throughout your house. Target front and back doors and any other area where you have a lot of dirt tracking. 

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