Hardwood floors are the perfect finish for your home, but sometimes choosing the right color is the hardest part. You see the flooring throughout your home, so you see it all the time. Don't panic when it comes time to pick out a stain - just follow these tips to fall in love with your house.

Wall Color

Your floors and walls represent the two most prominent colors in any room, so they have to work well together. You can't go wrong with a darker floor if you want to accent bright wall colors. Natural color stains let you create a neutral backdrop for darker walls, while rich color hardwoods pair up with basic black or white.

Decor Style

Do you love the geometric patterns of Moroccan design or the sleek, chic modern movement? Consider the decor elements in each room and imagine them against your favorite hardwood colors. If you have a strong color scheme going throughout your house, look for a complementary hardwood that really makes it pop. Have a lot of dark hues with your furniture, fabrics and window treatments? A lighter floor helps the room avoid any closed in impressions that are created when you have darker elements in your style.

Ceiling Height

High ceilings automatically make a room look more open, airy, and light. It supports even the darkest wood without a problem, so feel free to go wild with bold shades. If you have lower ceilings, keep medium and light tones in mind. You have to do more work to create an open feeling in these spaces, especially if your walls are significantly lower than normal.


The hardwood color might look perfect at the store, but when you get it into your house it could look all wrong. The culprit? Your home's lighting. Make sure you look at the hardwood in the type of lighting available in the room. Different light temperatures create quite the impact on the wood. You also want to check out the flooring color during different times of day. Your southern exposure dining room might look great all day, but your eastern lit study doesn't quite fit the bill.

Your hardwood floors give you a durable, long lasting and beautiful element to your home. Use these tips to figure out the color that works well with your house and unique style. 

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