Are you a homeowner who is searching for a way to improve the way your Golden Valley, Minnesota area home looks without a full remodel? Changing your flooring is an effective method of doing so. The following are some of 2016's top flooring trends that you might want to take note of:

1. Wood flooring planks that are wide

If you want a particular room in your home to look larger, wider hardwood flooring planks are one way to do so. This method also gives the room a chic and modern look as well. For a more contemporary look, stick with planks that are between three and six inches. Planks wider than six inches tend to look more rustic visually.

2. Hardwood is moving to the kitchen

Hardwood flooring -- long a popular choice for living rooms, dens and studies -- is now moving to rooms like the kitchen. While this can seem like a surprising place to find wood flooring, it makes sense visually. Wood creates a feeling of warmth while making the room look larger. When compared to tile, hardwood flooring tends to be easier to clean as well.

3. Dark colors are trending

Dark hardwoods provide your home with an ultra modern look without compromising warmth. When combined with light colored furnishings, the look is purely modern and expansive. It is the number one color category of hardwood flooring trending these days.

4. Lighter colors are still extremely popular

Natural or blonde hardwood colors are the second most popular category of flooring for today's homes. There is a good reason for their continued popularity -- in spite of the waxing and waning of other colors and shades. This is due, in part, to the versatility of lighter colors. Unlike some dark colors, for example, both light and dark color furnishings can be tastefully used to complement the room.

5. Satin and matte finishes are gaining appeal

In conjunction with the popularity of granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom, satin and matte finishes in other rooms of the home provide a continuity and smooth flow throughout. Semi gloss and other shiny finishes are on the downward trend for 2016.

Which of the above trends appeals most to you? Contact UB Hardwoods today for your free estimate and discover how beautiful your home can look. 

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