Restoring hardwood floors in high traffic living spaces is an effective way to add new life to your house, while enhancing its resale value and eye-appeal. The stain you add to your floors is not only a reflection of your personal taste, but it can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Consider the following hardwood stains for your next remodel project.


2-in-1 Stains


Cost-effective, fast drying and easy to apply, 2-in-1 stain finishes add color to your hardwood floors, while providing a layer of protection. Color choices range from aged leather to autumn wheat and everything in between. In certain instances, this type of product allows you to recoat your floors without having to sand them down first. Also, you don’t have to sand in between coats, and your clean-up materials consist of a soap and water.


Oil-based Stains


For floors that you’ve stripped or sanded, the application of an oil-based stain can create a new, deep hue that is sure to impress anyone walking through your house. The stain seeps down into the wood, and the color retains its strength longer relative to other finishes. Although the application of this stain requires a little more prep work, it’s well-worth the effort.


Exotic Wood Stains


Woods such as Teak, Pau Lope and Mahogany require a little something extra, when it comes to hardwood finishes. Exotic wood stains are made by multiple manufacturers, designed to penetrate deep into these woods and leave a lasting stain. The colors are brilliant and effective at bringing out the natural beauty of the wood in your home. Most of these stains come with UV protection and anti-mold properties.


Multi-Surface Stains


If you have multiple surfaces in your home that require a new finish, and you want one stain to cover all of the surfaces, then you’re in luck. Multi-surface stains can cover not only hardwood floors, but they can also handle fiberglass, metal and veneers. This type of stain is handy on remodel projects, where you may be upgrading old surfaces and adding new ones, but you want the same look and feel throughout your entire room.


Hardwood floors make a statement to all those entering your home, communicating class and good taste, while enhancing the aesthetic of your living spaces. Picking the right hardwood stain for your hardwood floor refinishing project is a must, if you want to send the right message to your family, friends and acquaintances.

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