You picked out the most marvelous hardwood flooring and you're thrilled once it's installed. Once the excitement wears off, the worry sets in. How can you keep it in a pristine condition? Is it the end of the world if you end up scuffing or scratching it? Life happens and you can't always avoid damaging the floor in your day to day activities. However, you can take several preventative measures to reduce the potential for scuffs and scratches in your hardwood flooring. 

Adopt a Daily Cleaning Routine

Dirt and debris can get caught under your feet and scrap along the hardwood flooring finish. By using a dry mop or a hardwood safe vacuum, you can minimize the potential for damage. You don't have to take a long time cleaning compared to dealing with carpet, so work it into your daily schedule. 

Put Protective Covers on Your Furniture

Felt pads and other covers go on your furniture's feet to stop them from dragging against the wood. If you're in the process of moving furniture into the room, home improvement stores offer sliding pads designed to help you move a significant amount of weight. When you put these on, you can slide the pieces without picking up anything heavy. 

Remove Your Shoes or Use House Shoes

Do you know how much dirt gets trapped in the soles of your shoes? Kick them off when you walk in the door. If you must wear shoes on your hardwood flooring, switch to soft soled slippers or house shoes. 

Get Specialty Caster Wheels

Mobile furniture is convenient for you but rough on your floors. You have a few options for minimizing the potential harm done by the caster wheels. Specialty caster wheels can be swapped in on your furniture. They have a construction that prevents scuffing and can easily be installed in a few minutes. Area rugs or plastic office mats are another option for protecting your floors. 

Put Out the Welcome Mat

The easiest way to keep debris from scratching your floors is to keep it outside where dirt belongs. Put welcome mats outside and inside all entry ways so you can reduce the risk of anything getting tracked in the house. Your side bonus for this method is that you don't have to clean as much. Pay close attention during snowy or rainy days. 

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