As a kid, you might have been told by parents to not wear shoes in the house—but today, as an adult, it’s easy to get lax about it yourself. After all, muddy boots are one thing, but what’s the harm of wearing your trainers to your bedroom to get changed after a run? Or letting your kids clamber in in their snow boots for hot chocolate before removing them in the kitchen? They’re such short distances; do they really make a difference?

We at UB Hardwoods are here to say: absolutely! Removing your shoes as soon as you walk in the door of your home is one of the best ways to keep your flooring looking great. Read on to discover why.

You’ll Avoid Tracking Invisible Debris in

Even if you’ve simply gone for a walk around the block, your shoes can still harbor corrosive materials that are too small to see unless you closely examine them. Sand, for example, can be ground into your wood floors under your sneakers. While hardwood floors are designed to be tough and long lasting, sharp grit particles are degrading to pretty much anything.

So toss your shoes in the front closet before settling in after a long day’s work. Your floors will thank you—and so will your vacuum, as you’ll keep your home cleaner, too!

You’ll Avoid Flooring Water Damage

If you own hardwood, you no doubt know that you shouldn’t leave spills unattended to. It can lead to warping, cupping, and even cracks if not promptly remedied. What you may not know, though, is that it’s not just water from spills that can cause issues. Over time, if you track enough water in on your shoes—even just from the morning dew—you’ll end up with a lackluster flooring job.

Plus, water that’s slush from the roads can contain corrosive deicers in the wintertime, which can do a number on wood floors.

You’ll Avoid Scuffs

Shoes with rubber soles, high heels, or  are particularly hard on hardwood. If the wearer missteps, they can leave a nasty scuff mark. Luckily, if your hardwood floor has only a few of these marks, you can remove them; check out this article from Merry Maids for a how-to. As the article says, stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and read your flooring’s warranty beforehand to make sure you don’t void it.

And as always: always call a pro before trying anything.

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