When most people think of hardwood flooring, they think of the timeless, traditional design: planks of material laid parallel to themselves across the floor. However, if you’ve kept up with our wood floor blog and read “Top Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2021”, you’ll have discovered that there are plenty of other hardwood varieties available.

Perhaps you now prefer patterns? Or is the traditional, planked route the right one for you? While hardwood is gorgeous no matter how it’s installed, certain styles definitely fit certain rooms better than others.

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Minimalist Rooms and Patterned Flooring Go Perfect Together

Patterned flooring is a smidgen “louder” than its planked counterpart, visually speaking; in other words, it tends to draw the eye to it in a slightly stronger fashion. While this can mean patterns like herringbone have the potential to get lost in busier rooms, it also means that they stand out strikingly in spaces that need a centerpiece for their design.

In particular, if you’re into sleek-looking furniture or rooms with lots of glass, a darkly colored patterned flooring can tie the look together and serve as a visual anchor.

To Make Rooms Look Larger, Use Planked Hardwood Flooring

Laying hardwood planks so that their parallel lines spanned rooms gives a space a breezy, spacious, and ultimately larger feel. If your home feels a little claustrophobic, lengthwise hardwood planks could very well be the answer.

For best results, try a light-colored hue, as darker-colored hardwood doesn’t lend itself to this vibe as well; it tends to feel more cozy than open.

For an Avant Garde Design, Play With Patterns

Any hardwood style will be timeless—parquet, for example, has been around since the 1600s! But because patterned styles aren’t seen as much in modern architecture and interior design, they definitely are going to lend a space a forward-thinking, artsy flair.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, just like there’s nothing wrong with preferring the more traditional planked variety of hardwood. It simply is something to consider.

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