When it comes to upping the coziness factor of your home, there’s nothing better than refurbishing with a brand new carpet. Plush and fluffy, it does a great job of keeping your feet toasty; it also holds heat well and, with the right finish, can even hide stains better than certain hardwood floors.


But what carpet is the right choice for your family? Negotiating with your spouse over the color alone is exhausting, and the next step—determining the carpet’s composition—is bound to be even exhausting. Nylon, PET, Triexta…the options are seemingly endless. What’s a strapped-for-time family to do?


The first step in the carpet-choosing process, of course, is not to panic. UB Hardwoods, your Plymouth flooring installation service, breaks down the pros and cons of numerous carpet choices below. We’ll help you make the right decision.

●      PET Carpet

Contrary to what its name suggests, PET carpet is not carpeting made for pets—though it can function very well in households who have them. Like all carpets, it is soft and comfortable underfoot. It is made out of polyester, which means that it resists stains and fading over time. However, due to its composition, it also tends to look shinier than other carpets. Because it is the more economical choice, too, it is less resistant to tearing from foot traffic than nylon carpeting.

●      Nylon Carpet

Often considered the most durable synthetic carpet on the market, nylon’s appeal lies in its resilience (its ability to maintain its shape in the face of high foot traffic). It’s just as soft as polyester, and just like some types of PET carpet, it’s recyclable. However, because it isn’t hydrophobic—resistant to liquids on a molecular level—it stains much easier than its PET carpet cousin.

●      Triexta

This striking carpet choice comes with a contemporary matte (not shiny) finish. Though, molecularly, it’s similar in composition to polyester carpet, it boasts a higher resistance to foot traffic, is much more colorfast, and is hydrophobic to boot. It’s a relatively new carpet type, and, interestingly enough, the material has been used much longer in the clothing industry than in carpets.

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