Despite the flooring cost, hardwood floors remain the king of the flooring world. Their stately appearance and decades-worth of longevity beat out all other flooring types hands down. Not to mention that keeping them looking their best—free of gouges and stains—is easy with professional maintenance. Plus, if you want to totally change the color of your wood floors, many staining options are available.


If you’re new to the hardwood flooring world, you might be wondering how often you need to hire a professional sanding and refinishing service like UB hardwoods. Hardwoods are an investment, that’s for sure; you want to know that you’re taking care of your floors, but you also don’t want to call repairmen to the house, only to find that there’s nothing to repair.


With hardwoods, the general rule is to never skimp on professional maintenance. UB Hardwoods discusses below some common signs that your flooring is long overdue.

Have You Struggled to Take Care of Your Harwood?

Maintaining this expensive type of flooring is certainly a learning curve. Cleaning processes that may not bother other flooring types, such as vinyl, can have disastrous consequences for hardwoods. For example, mopping or steam cleaning, while perfectly acceptable on carpets and vinyls, can wreak havoc on a hardwood finish and warp the wood itself. Wax-based cleaning products and bleach also are not hardwoods’ friends. And, should you forget to sweep for a while, debris that would sink into a carpet instead sits atop hardwood floors, causing abrasions and shortening the time between professional maintenance sessions.


It’s perfectly understandable if your hardwood sustains injuries because you were unaware of the upkeep required. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. The important part is to call a professional repairman like UB Hardwoods as soon as you’re aware of your mistake.

Has it Been a While Since Your Last Professional Maintenance Session?

Hardwoods are a bit like your kids: they require regular professional checkups to be at their best. UB Hardwoods recommends, for example, a complete professional refinish of your hardwood every three to five years. Our other services, restoration and dustless sanding, should be used on an as-needed basis; mostly, the frequency of these will depend on how well you take care of your hardwoods in the first place!

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