So you’ve realized you may need to replace your home's carpet, or you might even want to remove it altogether. You're probably right, as a carpet in desperate need of removal is often apparent. But before you decide that you can handle a carpet removal project on your own, learn more about the carpet removal process.

The carpet flooring removal experts with UB Hardwoods & Flooring have the right tools and resources to ensure that every carpet removal project is entirely well, on time, and within budget.

Before you call our professionals to schedule your home's carpet removal, learn more about the critical factors that come with carpet flooring removal.

Signs You Need Carpet Removal

Removing carpet isn’t easy. There are plenty of DIY tutorials that want to walk you through the process, but these articles fail to mention that carpet removal is no walk in the park.

If you aren't sure whether your home's carpet is ready for removal, there are a few obvious signs. Before you call in carpet removal professionals with UB Hardwoods & Flooring, pay attention to your carpet's look, smell, and feel as you prepare to schedule carpet removal services.

Stains, Wear, and Tear

Over time, regardless of the quality or type of carpet you have, flooring will fade away and succumb to everyday wear and tear. Kids and pets leave stains that just won't come out, the carpet's original padding becomes worn and uncomfortable, and there may even be burnt spots or tears.

After all, life doesn't stop because you invested in quality carpeting.

Bad Smells

Notice a bad smell coming from your carpet? If you use the appropriate cleaning products and equipment and cannot eradicate the smell from your home's carpeting, you may need to replace it.

The smell could be caused by mold, mildew, or a buildup of dirt and dust brought in by your family members and pets.

An Increase in Allergy or Asthma Symptoms

When you have asthma or allergy sufferers in your home, carpet is something that is going to stay an irritant. However, regular cleaning and vacuuming can typically keep this excess dust and dirt at bay.

Still, at some point, you will be at your wit's end and have a more difficult time cleaning the carpet. When this happens, carpet removal is the safest option for your family.

Updating the Look of Your Home

Sometimes, you don't need any other reason to change the look of your home. Tired of carpet and ready for classic hardwood flooring? Want a different color of the carpet or something more durable?

Updating the look of your home is a great reason to schedule carpet flooring removal services.

The Basics of Carpet Removal

After learning the signs of a carpet on its way out, you finally come to the moment where you schedule carpet removal services. Working with a professional makes the process faster and easier than any do-it-yourself flooring removal project.

Carpet Removal Isn't Easy

Contrary to popular belief – and all of those DIY articles – carpet removal isn't as easy as cutting, ripping up pieces, and throwing them away. After all, flooring professionals exist for a reason.

Carpet is a heavy material, and everything from cutting it to lifting it away from the subfloor is challenging.

Even more so, the elements that hold carpet to the walls and floor are not easy to get through.

Carpet Seams Aren't Seamless

It's never safe to assume that carpet removal is easy. To be exact, carpet is attached to surfaces with tack strips, hundreds of sharp nails, and strong glue.

Carpet removal professionals have the tools and precise skill necessary to cut through the nails and narrow strips of wood without injuring themselves or others. From prying the carpet up to ensuring that every nail is removed, a professional understands all these elements.

Carpet removal isn't a seamless process, so it is best to work with a professional to get it done correctly – and safely.

Carpet Removal Is an Exact Science

Flooring removal isn't a fun project. Even if you feel like a few dozen YouTube videos or articles have prepared you, you can't be trained entirely in just an hour on floor removal.

And although you may want to save money on DIY projects, it is best to call in a professional. After all, even though the tools for carpet removal may seem simple, they come with years of experience and knowledge.

Carpet Can Be Repurposed or Recycled

If your carpet is in good condition, which is to say, not stained or damaged, it can be repurposed or recycled. Some companies take these materials to repair and repurpose them to be used again, and that keeps your unwanted carpet out of the landfill.

But, of course, it also means that professionals have to be more careful to ensure that it is cut into larger, cohesive pieces. But that's what a professional does.

Why You Need a Carpet Removal Professional

Simply put: do not DIY any flooring project yourself. It may seem simple on paper, but without the right tools and experience, it may go very wrong. From cutting through sharp nails to getting through carpet padding on the subfloor, many small tasks are necessary from start to finish.

Rather than get into something you may not be able to finish or finish well, calling the carpet removal professionals with UB Hardwoods & Flooring is your best bet.

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