First, we need to put this in proper perspective. We can install some of the most beautiful carpet in your home that creates a stunning look. Many of our clients like vinyl flooring installed in the kitchen, carpet for the living room, and hardwood flooring in the dining room or other rooms. We are happy to do that.

However, we have to admit we have a bias towards quality hardwood flooring, because it has so many advantages over carpeting.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring is gorgeous. With proper hardwood floor care, it will last a lifetime. Hardwood flooring offers the best of both worlds, because rugs are terrific to use in rooms where you want a carpet-like feel. Rugs can easily be changed or removed when the need arises.

Here are some other advantages of hardwood flooring versus carpeting:

  • Hardwood flooring never goes out of style – If you are old enough to remember the 1970's, thick “shag” carpeting in brash colors was a popular fashion style, which most would consider ugly today. Quality hardwood flooring installed in the 1970's, might need our hardwood floor refinishing to restore its original beauty, but it has not gone out of style.
  • Carpeting holds dirt more easily, captures pet dander, retain odors from pet stains, and if it gets wet, carpeting can be a source of mold and/or mildew in the home, which is unhealthy. Hardwood flooring is cleaner and easier to maintain. With hardwood flooring, any dirt or stains are obvious, easier to clean or repair, and mold or mildew is less of a problem.
  • Hardwood flooring is better for those suffering from allergies.

Cost Comparison
Hardwood flooring enhances the resale value of a home. When comparing the cost of hardwood flooring, it is easy to make the mistake of using the total installation cost alone as the comparative figure and not factor in the useful life of the floor covering.

Hardwood flooring lasts a very long time. Even the best carpeting or vinyl floors will wear out sooner.

To calculate a fair cost comparison, divide the full installation cost per square yard of each type of floor covering by the estimated years of service. For high quality carpeting use 5 years of service, for hardwood flooring use 20 years of service (most hardwood floors last longer).

For example, if installed carpeting with pad is $15 per square yard and installed hardwood flooring is $45 per square yard, it seems like hardwood flooring is three times more expensive than carpeting. However, when you factor in the useful life, carpeting is $15 ÷ 5 years = $3 per year. Wood flooring is $45 ÷ 20 = $2.25 per year. This is another reason that shows why hardwood flooring is a better deal. (Please note: These are simple estimates to illustrate the math. Your costs may vary depending on your personal choices.) 

Hardwood flooring has substantial value and advantages. If you want to impress, hardwood flooring is the best.

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