While it’s nice having your dog or cat in the house, your favorite pet can wreak havoc on your floors creating stains, scratches and other hard to fix blemishes. Fortunately, there are floorings options that can withstand all the abuse your animals can meddle out. This includes durable hardwood floors, tile and concrete. Each of these options has its own advantages.


Durable Hardwood


There are specific types of hardwood that are strong enough to prevent scratching from claws, long lasting stains or nicks. For example, oak, maple and mahogany tend to withstand pet traffic well. While pine, cedar and redwood tend to show scratch marks and other blemishes. Adding protective coatings to your hardwood floors will further strengthen their durability, but some species of wood are just stronger than others. So if you want pet-friendly floors, go with a naturally strong hardwood.




There are many high-quality tiles that can withstand pet claws and are easily cleanable, in the case your dog or cat isn’t fully house-trained yet. While the grouting between your tiles can be a chore to clean, in general tile is strong and looks sharp even if you live out in the country, and your pets often-times track in mud. Tiles typically don’t chip or break either under the stress of pet traffic. However, if your tile does somehow become damaged, it’s usually cost-effective to fix.




If you’re looking for a cost-effective, highly durable flooring that doesn’t require much maintenance, then concrete is the way to go. If you make sure to seal the concrete on a regular basis, then it is highly resistant to pet stains and scratches. This type of flooring is ideal for shops and other commercial spaces, where foot-traffic can be extreme. Concrete can also be used in certain rooms or spaces within your home, so it’s an important option to consider. If the concrete is not sealed on a regular basis, though, then it is susceptible to stains.


If you have pets, it’s important to protect your home by installing the right types of flooring. Otherwise, your beloved pooch or your favorite feline can make your flooring less attractive, in ways that are hard to fix. Find out more about pet-friendly flooring today.

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