Face it: pets and carpets don’t always easily mix. Dogs are slobbery and muddy, and, if you have a puppy, prone to unfortunate accidents. Cats too, as clean as they are, are liable to make the occasional mess; hairballs and unclean litter boxes can both mean the demise of your pristine new carpet.


However, with a little elbow grease and preventive action, it is possible to keep your carpeting looking spick and span with animals in the house. UB hardwoods, a vendor of both carpeting and hardwood and provider of flooring installation services, explains how below.

Floor Care for the Crazy Cat Person

Cats are cleanly creatures; a dirty litter box means that they’re liable to have an accident somewhere else (namely, of course, on your brand new carpeting). If you clean out the litter box each day, however, your kitty should dutifully use it and spare your carpet the trouble. Every now and again, empty out the litter box completely and give it a good scrubbing with soap to get rid of any stubborn smells.


Multi-cat households require at least one litter box per cat for your carpet’s sake. In addition, cats prefer litter boxes that they can see out of (yes, means no raised sides) so that they don’t feel claustrophobic or trapped while eliminating.


Should the unfortunate accident occur on your carpet, quick action is essential. Don’t allow the stain to set! Consider investing in a cat-specific stain and odor remover to mitigate the damage. Vinegar will also work in a pinch for the smell, but it tends to be less effective than commercial cat-specific products.

Floor Care for the Dog Lover

Proper potty protocol is essential for the well-being of the dog, owner, and household flooring alike. To prolong the life of your carpet, remember the following when it comes to canines and bathroom breaks:


●        Dogs should go out three to five times per day.

●        Dogs generally need to eliminate every four to six hours.

●        During the potty training process, puppies should be let outside every 2 hours.

●        Know that proper and gentle potty training can take months.

●        Try not to punish an accident if the animal is not in the act; they will fail to see the association.

●        If your dog holds it too long, they can develop urinary stones and infections, which impact their ability to control their bladder.


Need New Carpeting? UB Hardwoods has You Covered

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