Carpet has a long and nuanced history in the United States, one that perhaps speaks to its versatility as a flooring type. From nylon to polyester (PET) to triexta, carpet can be a suitable flooring type for countless different households, even those with kids and pets. Plus, it has a soft feeling underfoot that makes it ideal for people who crave a little more comfort in their day-to-day lives.


If you’re considering renovating your floors and have already settled on carpet, that’s wonderful! If you are still on the fence, that’s alright too. We’re here to help. Below, UB Hardwoods, a floor installation company and flooring vendor, will discuss a few types of carpeting available to you, as well as describes their characteristics. After reading, you should have a little better of an idea of what type of carpet could be right for your home.

Carpet Types: A Primer

As stated above, carpet is an incredibly versatile and comfortable flooring type. There’s hardly a house or a family on Earth that couldn’t coexist with it! That being said, carpet comes in many different forms, each with inherent properties and characteristics. Each and every carpet type behaves differently under different stressors, such as stains or foot traffic. It pays to learn a little about each one, so as a homeowner, you can make the best decision for your unique situation.


Take a brief look at some of the carpet types available to you:


●        Triexta carpeting | What sets this carpet type apart is its matte finish. As a durable, yet attractive carpet type, triexta carpet is the perfect candidate for the homeowner looking to add a sleek, modern vibe to their living room, bedroom, or the like. As a bonus, it’s stain-resistant.

●        Nylon carpeting | Extremely popular as far as carpet goes, nylon carpet stands alone in its durability and ability to hold its shape under heavy foot traffic, with regular maintenance.

●        Polyester (PET) carpeting | Bright and vibrant, polyester carpets are known for their stain-resisting properties and affordability. It’s a great carpet type for households with kids, but it is recommended for less busy areas of the home.

●        Wool carpeting | Aside from being hypoallergenic, wool carpet is both eco-friendly and dirt and oil resistant. Its super-soft feel and top-of-the-line longevity make it a great choice for homeowners looking for a long-term investment.


Still Undecided? UB Hardwoods is Here to Help

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