If you’re a carpet owner, you know all too well how much softness and style the flooring type brings to your home. From making any room feel a tad more comfy to creating an aesthetic statement of style, your carpet does it all, no doubt rendering it an integral part of what makes your home feel like, well, home.


No doubt you love your carpet, and any carpet from UB Hardwoods will last you ages. That being said, no carpet is immune to the passage of time and prolonged exposure to common household flooring hazards. Though as much as you love the current way your carpet makes your home feel, there may come a time wherein it no longer is able to serve its purpose.


When might it be time to replace this critical piece of your interior? UB Hardwoods of Plymouth, as a distributor and installer of everything from hardwood flooring to vinyl floors, has all the details below.

Carpet Replacement Doesn’t Have to be on an As-Needed Basis

Of course, we spoke above as if your carpet has simply reached the end of its viable life, but that isn’t the only reason you might want to opt for carpet replacement! If you’re simply ready for a functional or stylistic change, go ahead and replace your carpet. You won’t regret it.


For those who worry about the viability of their current carpet, though, here are some signs that your flooring has reached the end of its serviceable years:


●        Your carpet has recently sustained any kind of water damage | We’re not talking about a spilled beverage here; we’re talking about much more severe affairs, such as a contaminated pipe bursting over your carpet or your home being flooded with unsanitary water. That being said, mold, a health hazard, can quickly grow in wet carpet, so we always advise you to replace it for safety’s sake once you’ve properly dried out your house.

●        Your carpet stinks | Not in the sense of its merit—we mean you should replace your carpet if it, quite literally, smells, and cleaning of any sort has done nothing to remedy it. This could be a sign that you have a problem with mold growth in the carpet padding. Regardless, replacing your carpet can be a more economical option than spending countless dollars on cleaning products and services that are ineffectual.

●        Your carpet is faded and wrinkled | If your carpet is wrinkling up in places or simply doesn’t look as bright as it used to, it’s time for a replacement. A deep clean can’t fix the fact that your carpet might just be getting old.

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