In the wake of a pandemic, it’s understandable to be a little more concerned with cleanliness, especially when it comes to your home. Perhaps you’re going from room to room, scrubbing the walls and dusting the shelves. Maybe you’re even getting in the grout of your bathroom with a toothbrush!

At UB Hardwoods, we commend your efforts to keep your home clean, but we’re also here to remind you not to forget your flooring, especially if you own carpet. As versatile and full of durability as this flooring type is, carpet has a way of trapping dander and hair if its owners don’t invest in the proper floor care. Though vacuuming and spot-cleaning as needed are great ways to reduce these contaminants and keep your carpet looking as fresh as a daisy, we recommend contacting a professional for the occasional deep clean.

The Benefits of A Deep Carpet Clean

Though when you shop with U.B. Hardwoods, you can be assured you’re getting a quality product, carpets are made to be walked on and generally lived around, and they’ll inevitably get dirty and shabby-looking over time if not taken care of. You’d be surprised at how satisfying getting your carpet cleaned is; professional service fluffs everything up, removes those stubborn stains, and can make your floors look like new again. You’ll be taken right back to the day you had your carpet installed! If you bought a gorgeous carpet from U.B. Hardwoods, be it Triexta or P.E.T., you’ll get to relive that glorious feeling of excitement and pride.

Of course, there are plenty of practical reasons your carpet can benefit from a deep clean:

●        The removal of allergens | As stated above, lots of nasty things can get trapped in your carpet. Pollen, dust, and dirt are just a few of them. Removal of this debris will leave the air in your home feeling much lighter, as well as eliminate the potential for allergic reactions to occur.

●        The inhibition of mold growth | Aside from being an eyesore, mold can be responsible for respiratory distress, just like allergens. A deep clean of your carpet can help remove spores before they grow into a full, health-risking infestation. Think of it as a preventative measure.

●        A true clean | While many commercial vacuum cleaners do a great job for day-to-day maintenance, they may not reach the grime stuck deep down in your carpet. However, a professional cleaner can.

Carpet Just Not Looking Like New? U.B. Hardwoods is Here to Help

Our Plymouth office would be happy to talk carpet replacement with you if your old floor just isn’t as soft as it used to be. Give us a call now at 763-807-4500.

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