You want new flooring. Your home is ready for an upgrade. Perhaps your old flooring has stains in it, or perhaps you’re dealing with water damage. Maybe you just seek a change or flooring that fits your lifestyle better. On the other hand, though, you’re also eco-conscious. You respect the planet and all its inhabitants and have adopted a waste-not-want-not mentality when it comes to home improvements. When you do renovations, it’s with a scrupulous effort to use the least amount of natural resources possible.

Here, the question arises: can you replace your flooring while also minimizing your impact on the environment?

Indeed you can—provided you choose the correct flooring type. U.B. Hardwoods, a Plymouth vendor of everything from vinyl floors to hardwood floors, is here to help you through the selection process. Below, we’ll provide a brief primer on eco-conscious flooring types, as well as why we feel said types deserve that label.

Smart Shopping Starts with Brand-Specific Knowledge

Of course, some flooring types are more environmentally friendly than others, but the same goes for flooring brands as well. A brief look into the website of the brand you desire will tell you what environmental initiatives the company has undertaken or become a part of, if any. You have the power to make green shopping decisions—you just need to do a little internet snooping! You can also visit U.B. Hardwoods for personalized help. We’d be happy to direct you to our favorite sustainable flooring solutions.

Of course, we don’t mean to ignore the inherent properties of individual flooring types, either.

●        Wool carpet is a great fit for families looking for soft and renewable flooring. Known for its luxuriousness and durability, wool carpet can last your home for a decade or more. Sheep grow wool throughout their lives, making the resource relatively renewable, and shearing is necessary to maintain the animal’s health, as it keeps it cool in the summer.

●        Vinyl flooring can often be recycled. If you’re the kind of person who likes to change your home’s look often but wants to respect the environment while doing it, this could be a good fit for you.

●        P.E.T carpet can be made from recycled materials and may be able to be recycled itself, depending on your location. If you’re hesitant to go with carpet because of the environmental impact, give P.E.T. a look.

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